GB3KS is a dual mode repeater, FM and Fusion.

FM Users

Use as normal with CTCSS of 103.5 – just check your S Meter to ensure the repeater is not in use on digital before you call through. if you don’t have CTCSS on and you just listen on the frequency you will just hear noise when the repeater is being used in digital mode.

Fusion Digital Mode

if you have a compatible radio, just select digital mode on your FTM400 / FT1 / FT2 / 991 and call through the repeater as normal.

If you have a digital radio, why not make use of AMS mode? with this selected your radio will automatically switch from FM to Fusion when a station calls.

Please respect others users on the repeater, and on the other mode. Please check before transmitting!

Example of AMS Mode

An example of 2x digital users on GB3KS using AMS Mode (Automatic mode select) having a QSO. someone on FM waits for a gap (FM user is watching S Meter go up and down) during the gap they just key up for a second, the 2x digital users radios will automatically switch to FM allowing the other FM user a chance to join in the QSO.

As always, please leave gaps…..

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